Herbal Alliance Events Calendar


Collaborating to Promote and Support Herbal Medicine and Herbalists

The Herbal Alliance is a community of herbal organisations and herbalists with a shared aim of promoting and supporting herbal medicine and herbalists.

Any member of a Practitioner Association or Independent Herbalist sharing our principles is invited to join in the activities and projects of The Herbal Alliance. We will share more information in the Spring of 2021 on how to do this as this website develops with more information and functions. In the meantime please use this site for its Events Calendar below.

The Herbal Alliance is currently facilitated by a collection of Community Action Teams (CATs), with volunteer representatives so far from nine Practitioner Associations, discussing key issues facing Education, Research, Supply and Communications.

We have four aims

  • Heal the herbal community through collaboration and shared principles
  • Empower individual herbalists by acting as one community
  • Enhance visibility with a unified voice
  • Cooperate to address the Nature and Health crises.

We have eight principles

  • We are believers in helping all herbalists and the profession thrive
  • We gain inspiration from Nature for developing our culture as a living system
  • We integrate vitalistic and scientific worldviews
  • We are committed to positively impacting people, plants and planet

 We will work together collaboratively

We thrive on diversity & inclusion

We are adaptive to change

We will actively listen and learn

And we are looking forward to working together

The first function of this site is to bring an events calendar for herbalists to share what is going on. This lists professional training events, seminars, gatherings and other events of interest to herbal practitioners. 

Due to COVID-19, many events have been cancelled unless they are online.  For any face to face event that has not been updated to “cancelled” please check with the organiser if it is still happening.

Events, CPD & Opportunities to Collaborate