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  1. Any herbalist or related organisation can add events where the subject is about herbal practice, herbal medicine or closely related content of interest to herbalists in UK and Ireland. Listings will need to be approved by a moderator once submitted. Listings for product launches or purely commercial events may not be approved.
  2.  Events can be in person or online.
  3.  Event listings look better when an image is uploaded as the event banner. You can usually copy an image from a website by right clicking and choosing “save picture as”. You can also upload a logo for the organisation which will appear on all of your listings.
  4. Complete the form below, filling in as much detail as possible. If it is a local herbalists’ meeting in someone’s home or other private location, you can just put in the town as the venue name and address sections or “please contact organiser”. For the category and type sections, you can select more than one option from the drop down menu. 
  5. Once submitted you will receive an email that gives you the option to create an account. If you will need to edit the listing in the future or are likely to add more events, then follow the link.
  6. To edit events, log in and you will be taken to the WordPress dashboard. You can edit from there via the event listings menu or go back to herbalalliance/addevent where you will now see your listing at the bottom of the page. When you click pen/edit symbol it may take you up to the top of the add event section in which case just scroll back down and you will see your event.
Troubleshooting Note
If you are having problems entering the date of the event or with anything else, submit the event as best you can and then use the contact form (see footer) to say what it should be. We are trying to fix this problem.

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